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Themes and Templates

The notions of “themes” and “templates” are at the core of the HTML Struts Tags provided by the framework.


tag A small piece of code executed from within JSP, FreeMarker, or Velocity.
template A bit of code, usually written in FreeMarker, that can be rendered by certain tags (HTML tags)
theme A collection of templates packaged together to provide common functionality

See Struts Tags for more about the HTML and other tags provided by the framework.

Template Basics

Template Loading How templates are loaded
Selecting Template Directory How the template directories are loaded
Selecting Themes How you can pick a theme when writing your results
Extending Themes How to create your own themes based on existing themes

More About Themes

simple theme A minimal theme with no “bells and whistles”
xhtml theme The default theme that uses common HTML practices
css_xhtml theme The xhtml theme re-implemented using strictly CSS for layout
ajax theme A theme based on the xhtml theme that provides advanced AJAX features