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Development Lists

The following mailing lists are meant for people who want to contribute to Struts itself. Patches, Documentation improvements and discussion on future Struts are welcome. For questions on using Struts, please subscribe to the user list.

Please make sure you have read the guidelines on this page

Name Subscribe Unsubscribe Description
Struts Devolopers subscribe unsubscribe Contact other developers interested in expanding and improving Struts functionality.
Struts Commits subscribe unsubscribe Receive notifications of changes to the Struts source code repository.
Struts Issues subscribe unsubscribe Receive notifications from the Struts issue tracker.
Struts Notifications subscribe unsubscribe Receive notifications from Github PRs & comments related to the Struts

You can use a web interface as well if you want to post a question


You can read the ASF Mail or the Mark Mail archives if you are looking for older discussions. There are many other archives out there as well.