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Plugin Developers Guide

Apache Struts 2 provides a simple plugin architecture so that developers can extend the framework just by adding a JAR to the application’s classpath. Since plugins are contained in a JAR, they are easy to share with others. Several plugins are bundled with the framework, and others are available from third-party sources.

Bundled Plugins

Bean Validation Plugin (2.5+)
CDI (JSR 299) Plugin (2.3.1+)
Codebehind Plugin (< 2.5)
Config Browser Plugin
Convention Plugin (2.1.3+)
DWR Plugin
Embedded JSP Plugin (2.1.7+)
JasperReports Plugin
Java 8 Support Plugin (2.3.21 - 2.5.2)
Javatemplates Plugin (2.1.3+)
JFreeChart Plugin
JSF Plugin( < 2.5)
JSON Plugin (2.1.7+)
JUnit Plugin
OVal Plugin (2.1.7+)
OSGi Plugin (2.1.7+)
Plexus Plugin
Portlet Plugin
Portlet Tiles Plugin (2.3.5+)
REST Plugin (2.1.1+)
Deprecated: SiteGraph Plugin
SiteMesh Plugin
Spring Plugin
Struts 1 Plugin( < 2.5)
TestNG Plugin
Tiles Plugin
Tiles 3 Plugin (< 2.5)

For a complete list of bundled and third-party plugins, visit the Plugin Registry.