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Reporting New Security Issues with Apache Struts

The Apache Struts project takes a very active stance in eliminating security problems and denial of service attacks against applications using the Apache Struts framework.

We strongly encourage folks to report such security problems to our private security mailing list first, before disclosing them in a public forum.

We cannot accept regular bug reports or other queries at this address, we ask that you use our issue tracker (JIRA) for those.

All mail sent to this address that does not relate to security problems in the Apache Struts source code will be ignored.

Note that all networked servers are subject to denial of service attacks, and we cannot promise magic workarounds to generic problems (such as a client streaming lots of data to your server, or re-requesting the same URL repeatedly). In general our philosophy is to avoid any attacks which can cause the server to consume resources in a non-linear relationship to the size of inputs.

The mailing address is:

General network server security tips

The Apache Security Team