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TestNG Plugin


The TestNG plugin provides integration with the popular TestNG unit testing framework. This plugin provides a base StrutsTestCase class that can subclassed for tests that work on Struts 2 components.

This plugin is only available with Struts 2.1.1 or later



First, include the plugin your POM (if using Maven 2) under the test scope:


If you are not using Maven 2 to build and test your code, ensure the plugin jar and its dependencies (spring-mock and testng) are in the testing classpath.

Now, your unit tests can subclass the StrutsTestCase class, which handles starting and stopping the Struts 2 framework:

public class MyTest extends StrutsTestCase {
 // testing code


This plugin doesn’t support any global settings.


This plugin is meant to be used during unit testing, and not during runtime. Therefore, include it in your build’s classpath, but do not deploy it to WEB-INF/lib in your Struts 2 application.