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Using Non Field Validators


The followings show a simple example using Webwork’s Non Field Validators

Step 1

Create the jsp page


			<s:form method="POST" action="submitNonFieldValidatorsExamples" namespace="/validation">
				<s:textfield name="someText" label="Some Text"/>
				<s:textfield name="someTextRetype" label="Retype Some Text"/>
				<s:textfield name="someTextRetypeAgain" label="Retype Some Text Again"/>
				<s:submit label="Submit" cssClass="btn btn-primary"/>

Step 2

Create the action class

public class NonFieldValidatorsExampleAction extends AbstractValidationActionSupport {

	private static final long serialVersionUID = -524460368233581186L;

	private String someText;
	private String someTextRetype;
	private String someTextRetypeAgain;

	public String getSomeText() {
		return someText;

	public void setSomeText(String someText) {
		this.someText = someText;

	public String getSomeTextRetype() {
		return someTextRetype;

	public void setSomeTextRetype(String someTextRetype) {
		this.someTextRetype = someTextRetype;

	public String getSomeTextRetypeAgain() {
		return someTextRetypeAgain;

	public void setSomeTextRetypeAgain(String someTextRetypeAgain) {
		this.someTextRetypeAgain = someTextRetypeAgain;

Step 3

Create the validator.xml.

	<validator type="expression">
		<param name="expression"><![CDATA[ ( (someText == someTextRetype) && (someTextRetype == someTextRetypeAgain) ) ]]></param>
		<message><![CDATA[ all three text must be exactly the same ]]></message>