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TypeConversion Annotation

This annotation is used for class and application wide conversion rules.


The TypeConversion annotation can be applied at property and method level.


Parameter Required Default Description
key no The annotated property/key name The optional property name mostly used within TYPE level annotations.
type no ConversionType.CLASS Enum value of ConversionType. Determines whether the conversion should be applied at application or class level.
rule no ConversionRule.PROPERTY Enum value of ConversionRule. The ConversionRule can be a property, a Collection or a Map.
converter DEPRECATED: either this or value   The class name of the TypeConverter to be used as converter.
converterClass either this or value   The class of the TypeConverter to be used as converter. XWorkBasicConverter by default.
value either converter or this   The value to set for ConversionRule.KEY_PROPERTY.


 public class ConversionAction implements Action {

   private String convertInt;

   private String convertDouble;
   private List users = null;

   private HashMap keyValues = null;

   @TypeConversion(type = ConversionType.APPLICATION)
   public void setConvertInt( String convertInt ) {
       this.convertInt = convertInt;

   @TypeConversion(converterClass = XWorkBasicConverter.class)
   public void setConvertDouble( String convertDouble ) {
       this.convertDouble = convertDouble;

   @TypeConversion(rule = ConversionRule.COLLECTION, converterClass = String.class)
   public void setUsers( List users ) {
       this.users = users;

   @TypeConversion(rule = ConversionRule.MAP, converterClass = BigInteger.class)
   public void setKeyValues( HashMap keyValues ) {
       this.keyValues = keyValues;

   @TypeConversion(type = ConversionType.APPLICATION, property = "java.util.Date", converterClass = XWorkBasicConverter.class)
   public String execute() throws Exception {
       return SUCCESS;