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Scoped Model Driven Interceptor

An interceptor that enables scoped model-driven actions.

This interceptor only activates on actions that implement the ScopedModelDriven interface. If detected, it will retrieve the model class from the configured scope, then provide it to the Action.


Extending the Interceptor

There are no known extension points for this interceptor.


 <-- Basic usage -->
 <interceptor name="scopedModelDriven" class="com.opensymphony.interceptor.ScopedModelDrivenInterceptor" />
 <-- Using all available parameters -->
 <interceptor name="gangsterForm" class="com.opensymphony.interceptor.ScopedModelDrivenInterceptor">
      <param name="scope">session</param>
      <param name="name">gangsterForm</param>
      <param name="className">com.opensymphony.example.GangsterForm</param>