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All objects created by the framework are instantiated by the ObjectFactory. The ObjectFactory provides the means of integrating the framework with IoC containers like Spring, Pico, Plexus, and so forth.


Extend ObjectFactory

Customized ObjectFactory must extend ObjectFactory or any of its descendants and have a default, no-argument constructor.

To register a customized ObjectFactory, add or edit an entry in

where is the custom object factory.

public class MyObjectFactory extends ObjectFactory {

Define dedicated factory

If you want to just extend one part of ObjectFactory, ie. to change how Result Types are build, you can implement ResultFactory interface and register it with dedicated name, see Extension Points for more details. Original ObjectFactory will use these dedicated factories to do the work. It’s already done this way - the original functionality of ObjectFactory was extracted to separated classes which implements the interfaces below. Check the source of ObjectFactory to see more details. All these factories are available as from version 2.3.16.

List of Factory interfaces: