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Fetch Metadata Interceptor


An interceptor that implements Fetch Metadata on incoming requests used to protect against CSRF, XSSI, and cross-origin information leaks. Uses a default Resource Isolation Policy to programmatically reject cross-origin requests.

A Resource Isolation Policy is a strong defense in-depth mechanism that prevents the resources on a server from being requested by external websites. This policy can be enabled either for all endpoints of the application and endpoints that are meant to be loaded in a cross-site context can be exempted from the policy.

The browser provides information about the context of an HTTP request in a set of Sec-Fetch-* headers. This allows the server processing the request to make decisions on whether the request should be accepted or rejected based on the preferred resource isolation policy. Struts provides a default Resource Isolation Policy that rejects cross-origin requests that aren’t top level navigations.

Sec-Fetch-Site == 'cross-site' AND (Sec-Fetch-Mode != 'navigate'/'nested-navigate' OR method NOT IN [GET, HEAD])

Refer to Implementing a Resource Isolation Policy for further information on implementing effective Resource Isolation Policies. Fetch Metadata is supported in all major browsers.



<action  name="someAction" class="com.examples.SomeAction">
    <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack">
            <param name="fetchMetadata.exemptedPaths">/path1,/path2,/path3</param>
    <result name="success">good_result.ftl</result>