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email validator


EmailValidator checks that a given String field, if not empty, is a valid email address.

The regular expression used to validate that the string is an email address is:


This Regex can change, please always check in the source code

You can also specify expression, caseSensitive and trim params as a OGNL expression, see the example below.


Check also documentation of the RegexpValidator for more details - the EmailValidator is based on it.

Warning: do not use ${regexExpression}, ${caseSensitiveExpression} and ${trimExpression} as an expression as this will turn into infinitive loop!


<!-- Plain Validator Syntax -->
    <validator type="email">
        <param name="fieldName">myEmail</param>
        <message>Must provide a valid email</message>
<!-- Field Validator Syntax -->
<field name="myEmail">
   <field-validator type="email">
      <message>Must provide a valid email</message>
<!-- Field Validator Syntax with expressions -->
<!-- Only available when used with xml based configuration, if you want to have the same
        flexibility with annotations use @RegexFieldValidator instead -->
<field name="myEmail">
   <field-validator type="email">
      <param name="regexExpression">${emailPattern}</param> <!-- will be evaluated as: String getEmailPattern() -->
      <param name="caseSensitiveExpression">${emailCaseSensitive}</param> <!-- will be evaluated as: boolean getEmailCaseSensitive() -->
      <param name="trimExpression">${trimEmail}</param> <!-- will be evaluated as: boolean getTrimEmail() -->
      <message>Must provide a valid email</message>