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Annotation Workflow Interceptor

Invokes any annotated methods on the action. Specifically, it supports the following annotations

There can be multiple methods marked with the same annotations, but the order of their execution is not guaranteed. However, the annotated methods on the superclass chain are guaranteed to be invoked before the annotated method in the current class in the case of a @Before annotations and after, if the annotations is @After.


  public class BaseAnnotatedAction {
  	protected String log = "";

  	public String baseBefore() {
  		log = log + "baseBefore-";
  		return null;

  public class AnnotatedAction extends BaseAnnotatedAction {
  	public String before() {
  		log = log + "before";
  		return null;

  	public String execute() {
  		log = log + "-execute";
  		return Action.SUCCESS;

  	public void beforeResult() throws Exception {
  		log = log +"-beforeResult";

  	public void after() {
  		log = log + "-after";

Configure a stack in struts.xml that replaces the PrepareInterceptor with the AnnotationWorkflowInterceptor:

<interceptor-stack name="annotatedStack">
	<interceptor-ref name="static-params"/>
	<interceptor-ref name="params"/>
	<interceptor-ref name="conversionError"/>
	<interceptor-ref name="annotationWorkflow"/>

Given an Action, AnnotatedAction, add a reference to the AnnotationWorkflowInterceptor interceptor.

<action name="AnnotatedAction" class="com.examples.AnnotatedAction">
   <interceptor-ref name="annotationWorkflow"/>
   <result name="success" type="freemarker">good_result.ftl</result>

With the interceptor applied and the action executed on AnnotatedAction the log instance variable will contain baseBefore-before-execute-beforeResult-after.