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Editing the Documentation

Changes to the documentation can be requested to the issue tracker, or created via Pull Requests to the Github repository. You can notice a button in the upper left corner labeled Edit on GitHub which helps you create changes to the docs.

The Struts 2 Documentation space is bundled with the Struts distribution, and, eventually, the content may be checked into an ASF repository. Accordingly, all volunteers working to this space must have a CLA on file.

The project also hosts a second Confluence space, the Struts 2 wiki, which can be edited by anyone who creates an account.

See also: How to Help FAQ.

Documentation Workflow

Since projects like Struts wear our code “on our sleeve”, there’s always a discussion over whether the website should represent the latest documentation or the documentation for the “best available” release. Over the years, we’ve done it one way and the another, and now we do it both ways :-)

When we vote a test build to a release (of any flavor: alpha, beta, GA), we archive the HTML version of the documentation for future reference. When a release is designated GA, we update the appropriate links on the main site to point to the archival copy.

Since we bundle the HTML version of the documentation with the release, we require authors to file a CLA, to ensure that we actually have distribution rights.

To cover all the bases, we also maintain a “community wiki”, that is not bundled with the distribution.

It’s open to anyone who signs up for an account on Confluence. Sometimes, we do move documentation from the community wiki to the documentation wiki, if the author can a CLA.

Sadly, not everyone can file a CLA. Many organizations still use aggressive IP agreement that assign rights to our every stray thought to the company, 24/7. In fact, some organizations grant a special dispensation for the ASF so that their employees can file CLAs.