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Building the Framework from Source

Why Build?

Most developers will never need to build the framework from source. The distribution package contains everything a developer needs to get started and become productive with the framework. For more on how to go to work with the distributed binaries right away, see Ready, Set, Go! . However, there are situations when someone will want to build the framework from scratch. You may want to try out new tweaks and patches, or you might want to try writing your own tweak or patch.

If you just want to use the latest development build, perhaps because a patch you need has been applied, you can also download a nightly build.

Getting the Sources

The source code for the framework is available as a distribution you can download directly and from the source code repository.


The distributions of the framework contain all sources, as well as all needed libraries for building JARs and running. Distributions can be downloaded from the Apache Struts project

Repository (Git)

Use Git to checkout the source code.

> cd Projects\Apache\
> git clone 

Building with Maven

The default build environment is Maven. You can either install Maven 3 or use Maven Wrapper delivered with the source code. Change to your framework home directory:

cd Projects\Apache\struts

and run Maven

mvn clean install

or run using Maven Wrapper

./mvnw clean install

That will take care of the basic maven build. There is a bunch more that you can do. Checkout out Building with Maven for more information.

JDK/JRE Compatibility

The framework requires JDK 1.8 to build.