Class DebuggingInterceptor

    • Constructor Detail

      • DebuggingInterceptor

        public DebuggingInterceptor()
    • Method Detail

      • setDevMode

        public void setDevMode(String mode)
      • setReflectionProvider

        public void setReflectionProvider(ReflectionProvider reflectionProvider)
      • printContext

        protected void printContext()
        Prints the current context to the response in XML format.
      • printContext

        protected void printContext(PrettyPrintWriter writer)
        Prints the current request to the existing writer.
        writer - The XML writer
      • serializeIt

        protected void serializeIt(Object bean,
                       String name,
                       PrettyPrintWriter writer,
                       List<Object> stack)
        Recursive function to serialize objects to XML. Currently it will serialize Collections, maps, Arrays, and JavaBeans. It maintains a stack of objects serialized already in the current function call. This is used to avoid looping (stack overflow) of circular linked objects. Struts and XWork objects are ignored.
        bean - The object you want serialized.
        name - The name of the object, used for element <name/>
        writer - The XML writer
        stack - List of objects we're serializing since the first calling of this function (to prevent looping on circular references).
      • setEnableXmlWithConsole

        public void setEnableXmlWithConsole(boolean enableXmlWithConsole)
        enableXmlWithConsole - the enableXmlWithConsole to set

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