Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.conversion.impl

Class Summary
AnnotationXWorkConverter Deprecated. Since XWork 2.0.4, the implementation of XWorkConverter handles the processing of annotations.
DefaultObjectTypeDeterminer This ObjectTypeDeterminer looks at the for entries that indicated what objects are contained within Maps and Collections.
DefaultTypeConverter Default type conversion.
EnumTypeConverter Deprecated. Since Struts 2.1.0 as enum support is now built into XWork
GenericsObjectTypeDeterminer Deprecated. Use DefaultObjectTypeDeterminer instead.
InstantiatingNullHandler Provided that the key ReflectionContextState.CREATE_NULL_OBJECTS is in the action context with a value of true (this key is set only during the execution of the ParametersInterceptor), OGNL expressions that have caused a NullPointerException will be temporarily stopped for evaluation while the system automatically tries to solve the null references by automatically creating the object.

XWork will automatically handle the most common type conversion for you.

XWorkConverter XWorkConverter is a singleton used by many of the Struts 2's Ognl extention points, such as InstantiatingNullHandler, XWorkListPropertyAccessor etc to do object conversion.

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