Interface Summary
ContentTypeHandlerManager Manages content type handlers
HttpHeaders Type-safe rest-related informtion to apply to a response

Class Summary
ContentTypeInterceptor Uses the content handler to apply the request body to the action
DefaultContentTypeHandlerManager Manages ContentTypeHandler instances and uses them to process results
DefaultHttpHeaders Default implementation of rest info that uses fluent-style construction
RestActionInvocation Extends the usual ActionInvocation to add support for processing the object returned from the action execution.
RestActionMapper This Restful action mapper enforces Ruby-On-Rails Rest-style mappings.
RestActionProxyFactory Factory that creates the RestActionInvocation
RestActionSupport Extends ActionSupport to provides a default implementation of the index method that can be invoked for unknown actions by the UnknownHandler.
RestWorkflowInterceptor An interceptor that makes sure there are not validation errors before allowing the interceptor chain to continue.

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