Package org.apache.struts2.osgi

Interface Summary
OsgiHost Implementations of this class start an OSGi container.
PackageLoader Implementations of this interface can load packages from a Bundle

Class Summary
BundleClassLoaderInterface ClassLoaderInterface instance that delegates to the singleton of DefaultBundleAccessor
BundleFreemarkerManager This class extends FreemarkerManager in core to add a template loader (that finds resources inside bundles) to MultiTemplateLoader
BundlePackageLoader Package loader implementation that loads resources from a bundle
DefaultBundleAccessor Helper class that find resources and loads classes from the list of bundles
FelixOsgiHost Apache felix implementation of an OsgiHost See
Servlet config params:
OsgiConfigurationProvider Struts package provider that starts the OSGi container and deelgates package loading
SpringOsgiObjectFactory This Object factory uses the ActionContext(s) published by Spring OSGi to lookup beans
StrutsOsgiListener ServletContextListener that starts Apache Felix

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