Class GxpInstance

  extended by org.apache.struts2.views.gxp.AbstractGxp<>
      extended by org.apache.struts2.views.gxp.Gxp
          extended by org.apache.struts2.views.gxp.GxpInstance

public class GxpInstance
extends Gxp

Struts 2 to GXP adapter that uses instances of GXP Interfaces, as created by the ObjectFactory. Can be used to write a GXP or create a HtmlClosure. Pulls non-constructor GXP parameters from Struts 2 value stack.

David P. Baker

Method Summary
 java.lang.Class<?> getGxpClass()
protected  java.lang.Object getGxpInstance()
static GxpInstance getInstance(java.lang.Class<?> gxpClass)
          Looks up GxpInstance instance for the given GXP class.
static GxpInstance getInstance(java.lang.String gxpPath)
          Looks up Gxp instance for GXP with given path.
 void setObjectFactory(ObjectFactory objectFactory)
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getArgs, getGxpClassForPath, getGxpClosure, getGxpClosure, getOverrides, getParams, lookupMethodByName, setValueStackFactory, write, write
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Method Detail


protected java.lang.Object getGxpInstance()

This implementation uses the ObjectFactory to try to create an instance of the Interface class that is nested within the GXP class. If that doesn't work, it falls back to trying to use the ObjectFactory to create an instance of the nested Instance class, in case there is no binding for the Interface.

getGxpInstance in class AbstractGxp<>
the object on which to call the write and getGxpClosure methods. If the methods are static, this can return null


public java.lang.Class<?> getGxpClass()
getGxpClass in class AbstractGxp<>


public static GxpInstance getInstance(java.lang.String gxpPath)
Looks up Gxp instance for GXP with given path.


public static GxpInstance getInstance(java.lang.Class<?> gxpClass)
Looks up GxpInstance instance for the given GXP class.


public void setObjectFactory(ObjectFactory objectFactory)

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