Package org.apache.struts2.convention

Interface Summary
ActionConfigBuilder This interface defines how the action configurations for the current web application can be constructed.
ActionNameBuilder This interface defines the method that is used to create action names based on the name of a class.
ConventionsService This interface defines the conventions that are used by the convention plugin.
InterceptorMapBuilder This interface defines how interceptors are built from annotations.
ResultMapBuilder This interface defines how results are constructed for an Action.

Class Summary
ClasspathConfigurationProvider Xwork will only reload configurations, if one ContainerProvider needs reloading, that's all this class does
ClasspathPackageProvider This class is a configuration provider for the XWork configuration system.
ConventionConstants Constants used to extend the COnvention plugin
ConventionsServiceImpl This class is the implementation of the ConventionsService interface and provides all of the defaults and annotation handling.
ConventionUnknownHandler This class is the default unknown handler for all of the Convention plugin integration with XWork.
DefaultActionNameBuilder This class strips the word Action from the end of the class name and possibly lowercases the name as well depending on the value of the constant
DefaultInterceptorMapBuilder Builds interceptor mappings from annotations.
DefaultResultMapBuilder This class implements the ResultMapBuilder and traverses the web application content directory looking for reasonably named JSPs and other result types as well as annotations.
PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder This class implements the ActionConfigBuilder interface.
ReflectionTools This class has some reflection helpers.
SEOActionNameBuilder This class converts the class name into a SEO friendly name by recognizing camel casing and inserting dashes.
StringTools This class is a String helper.

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