Package org.apache.struts2.interceptor

Web specific interceptor classes.


Interface Summary
ApplicationAware Actions that want to be aware of the application Map object should implement this interface.
NoParameters This marker interface should be implemented by actions that do not want any parameters set on them automatically.
ParameterAware This interface gives actions an alternative way of receiving input parameters.
PrincipalAware Actions that want access to the Principal information from HttpServletRequest object should implement this interface.
PrincipalProxy Proxy interface used together with PrincipalAware interface.
RequestAware Actions that want access to the current serlvet request attributes should implement this interface.

This interface is only relevant if the Action is used in a servlet environment.

ServletRequestAware All Actions that want to have access to the servlet request object must implement this interface.
ServletResponseAware All Actions that want to have access to the servlet response object must implement this interface.
SessionAware Actions that want access to the user's HTTP session attributes should implement this interface.

Class Summary
ActionMappingParametersInteceptor This interceptor sets all parameters from the action mapping, for this request, on the value stack.
BackgroundProcess Background thread to be executed by the ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor.
CheckboxInterceptor Looks for a hidden identification field that specifies the original value of the checkbox.
ClearSessionInterceptor This interceptor clears the HttpSession.
CookieInterceptor The aim of this intercepter is to set values in the stack/action based on cookie name/value of interest.
CreateSessionInterceptor This interceptor creates the HttpSession.
ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor The ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor is great for running long-lived actions in the background while showing the user a nice progress meter.

Interceptor that is based off of MultiPartRequestWrapper, which is automatically applied for any request that includes a file.

MessageStoreInterceptor An interceptor to store a ValidationAware action's messages / errors and field errors into HTTP Session, such that it will be retrieveable at a later stage.
MultiselectInterceptor Just as the CheckboxInterceptor checks that if only the hidden field is present, so too does this interceptor.
ProfilingActivationInterceptor Allows profiling to be enabled or disabled via request parameters, when devMode is enabled.
RolesInterceptor This interceptor ensures that the action will only be executed if the user has the correct role.
ScopeInterceptor This is designed to solve a few simple issues related to wizard-like functionality in Struts.
ServletConfigInterceptor An interceptor which sets action properties based on the interfaces an action implements.
StrutsConversionErrorInterceptor This interceptor extends ConversionErrorInterceptor but only adds conversion errors from the ActionContext to the field errors of the action if the field value is not null, "", or {""} (a size 1 String array with only an empty String).
TokenInterceptor Ensures that only one request per token is processed.
TokenSessionStoreInterceptor This interceptor builds off of the TokenInterceptor, providing advanced logic for handling invalid tokens.

Package org.apache.struts2.interceptor Description

Web specific interceptor classes.

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