Package org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapper

Interface Summary
ActionMapper The ActionMapper interface provides a mapping between HTTP requests and action invocation requests and vice-versa.
ParameterAction Defines a parameter action prefix.

Class Summary
ActionMapping Simple class that holds the action mapping information used to invoke a Struts action.
CompositeActionMapper A composite action mapper that is capable of delegating to a series of ActionMapper if the former failed to obtained a valid ActionMapping or uri.

Default action mapper implementation, using the standard *.[ext] (where ext usually "action") pattern.

PrefixBasedActionMapper A prefix based action mapper that is capable of delegating to other ActionMappers based on the request's prefix It is configured through struts.xml For example, with the following entries in
Restful2ActionMapper Improved restful action mapper that adds several ReST-style improvements to action mapping, but supports fully-customized URL's via XML.
RestfulActionMapper A custom action mapper using the following format:


You can have as many parameters you'd like to use.


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