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This result invokes an entire other action, complete with it's own interceptor stack and result.


  • actionName (default) - the name of the action that will be chained to
  • namespace - used to determine which namespace the Action is in that we're chaining. If namespace is null, this defaults to the current namespace
  • method - used to specify another method on target action to be invoked. If null, this defaults to execute method
  • skipActions - (optional) the list of comma separated action names for the actions that could be chained to


<package name="public" extends="struts-default">
    <!-- Chain creatAccount to login, using the default parameter -->
    <action name="createAccount" class="...">
        <result type="chain">login</result>

    <action name="login" class="...">
        <!-- Chain to another namespace -->
        <result type="chain">
            <param name="actionName">dashboard</param>
            <param name="namespace">/secure</param>

<package name="secure" extends="struts-default" namespace="/secure">
    <action name="dashboard" class="...">