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Uses of FacesSupport in org.apache.struts2.jsf

Subclasses of FacesSupport in org.apache.struts2.jsf
 class ApplyRequestValuesInterceptor
          Applies the request values to the component tree
 class FacesInterceptor
          Translates JSF phases into individual interceptors, and adapts their expected workflow to Action 2
 class FacesRender
          Performs the JSF render lifecycle phase.
 class FacesSetupInterceptor
          * Initializes the JSF context for this request.
 class InvokeApplicationInterceptor
          Invokes the application
 class ProcessValidationsInterceptor
          Processes validations on the component tree
 class RestoreViewInterceptor
          Restores the view or component tree
 class UpdateModelValuesInterceptor
          Updates the model values from the component tree

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