Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.validator

XWork validation subsystem.


Interface Summary
ActionValidatorManager ActionValidatorManager is the main interface for validation managers (regular and annotation based).
FieldValidator The FieldValidator interface defines the methods to be implemented by FieldValidators.
ShortCircuitableValidator This interface should be implemented by validators that can short-circuit the validator queue that it is in.
ValidatorContext The context for validation.
ValidatorFactory ValidatorFactory
ValidatorFileParser This class serves 2 purpose : Parse the validation config file.

Class Summary
AnnotationActionValidatorManager AnnotationActionValidatorManager is the entry point into XWork's annotations-based validator framework.
AnnotationValidationConfigurationBuilder AnnotationValidationConfigurationBuilder
DefaultActionValidatorManager This is the entry point into XWork's rule-based validation framework.
DefaultValidatorFactory Default validator factory
DefaultValidatorFileParser Parse the validation file.
DelegatingValidatorContext A default implementation of the ValidatorContext interface.
DelegatingValidatorContext.ActionContextLocaleProvider An implementation of LocaleProvider which gets the locale from the action context.
DelegatingValidatorContext.LoggingValidationAware An implementation of ValidationAware which logs errors and messages.
ValidationInterceptor This interceptor runs the action through the standard validation framework, which in turn checks the action against any validation rules (found in files such as ActionClass-validation.xml) and adds field-level and action-level error messages (provided that the action implements ValidationAware).
ValidatorConfig Holds the necessary information for configuring an instance of a Validator.
ValidatorConfig.Builder Builds a ValidatorConfig

Exception Summary
ValidationException ValidationException.

Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.validator Description

XWork validation subsystem.

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