Class NamedVariablePatternMatcher

  extended by com.opensymphony.xwork2.util.NamedVariablePatternMatcher
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class NamedVariablePatternMatcher
extends Object
implements PatternMatcher<NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern>

An implementation of a pattern matcher that uses simple named wildcards. The named wildcards are defined using the {VARIABLE_NAME} syntax and will match any characters that aren't '/'. Internally, the pattern is converted into a regular expression where the named wildcard will be translated into ([^/]+) so that at least one character must match in order for the wildcard to be matched successfully. Matched values will be available in the variable map, indexed by the name they were given in the pattern.

For example, the following patterns will be processed as so:

Pattern Example Variable Map Contents
/animals/{animal} /animals/dog {animal -> dog}
/animals/{animal}/tag/No{id} /animals/dog/tag/No23 {animal -> dog, id -> 23}
/{language} /en {language -> en}

Excaping hasn't been implemented since the intended use of these patterns will be in matching URLs.

Nested Class Summary
static class NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern
          Stores the compiled pattern and the variable names matches will correspond to.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern compilePattern(String data)
          Compiles the pattern.
 boolean isLiteral(String pattern)
          Determines if the pattern is a simple literal string or contains wildcards that will need to be processed
 boolean match(Map<String,String> map, String data, NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern expr)
          Tries to process the data against the compiled expression.
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Constructor Detail


public NamedVariablePatternMatcher()
Method Detail


public boolean isLiteral(String pattern)
Description copied from interface: PatternMatcher
Determines if the pattern is a simple literal string or contains wildcards that will need to be processed

Specified by:
isLiteral in interface PatternMatcher<NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern>
pattern - The string pattern
True if the pattern doesn't contain processing elements, false otherwise


public NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern compilePattern(String data)
Compiles the pattern.

Specified by:
compilePattern in interface PatternMatcher<NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern>
data - The pattern, must not be null or empty
The compiled pattern, null if the pattern was null or empty


public boolean match(Map<String,String> map,
                     String data,
                     NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern expr)
Tries to process the data against the compiled expression. If successful, the map will contain the matched data, using the specified variable names in the original pattern.

Specified by:
match in interface PatternMatcher<NamedVariablePatternMatcher.CompiledPattern>
map - The map of variables
data - The data to match
expr - The compiled pattern
True if matched, false if not matched, the data was null, or the data was an empty string

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