Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.ognl

Class Summary
ObjectProxy An Object to use within OGNL to proxy other Objects usually Collections that you set in a different place on the ValueStack but want to retain the context information about where they previously were.
OgnlTypeConverterWrapper Wraps an XWork type conversion class for as an OGNL TypeConverter
OgnlUtil Utility class that provides common access to the Ognl APIs for setting and getting properties from objects (usually Actions).
OgnlValueStack Ognl implementation of a value stack that allows for dynamic Ognl expressions to be evaluated against it.
OgnlValueStackFactory Creates an Ognl value stack
SecurityMemberAccess Allows access decisions to be made on the basis of whether a member is static or not.
XWorkTypeConverterWrapper Wraps an OGNL TypeConverter as an XWork TypeConverter

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