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When deploying to WebLogic, some developers report problems with the framework locating resources, especially with Velocity. For more about WebLogic and Velocity, see the Velocity website.
To deploy to WebLogic, the common approach is to create and deploy an unexpanded WAR to the WebLogic deployment directory. With WL 8.x, the deployment directory is typically at <bea_home>/user_projects/domains/mydomain/.

Adding an struts-velocity.properties Configuration File

  • In the struts.properties file (usually kept in the WEB-INF/classes directory), add an entry that specifies a Velocity configuation file.
    • struts.properties
      struts.velocity.configfile = struts-velocity.properties
  • Create the corresponding Velocity properties file ("struts-velocity.properties"), preferably in the same location as the struts.properties file.
  • Copy into the Velocity properties file the contents of the velocity.properties file that is the the SAF velocity-dep.jar.
  • In your new struts-velocity.properties file, find he section titled "T E M P L A T E L O A D E R S", and change this section as so:
resource.loader = class

file.resource.loader.description = Velocity File Resource Loader
file.resource.loader.class = org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader.FileResourceLoader
file.resource.loader.path = .
file.resource.loader.cache = false
file.resource.loader.modificationCheckInterval = 2

class.resource.loader.class = org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader.ClasspathResourceLoader
class.resource.loader.cache = true
  • Redeploy a fresh WAR to WebLogic.