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Trillian goes to the MailReader website. As a first-time visitor, she needs to create an account to hold her email subscriptions. Trillian completes a form with her account information, and submits it to the system.

Username trillian
Password ****** b4b3L
(Repeat) Password: ****** b4b3L
Full Name Tricia McMillian
From Address trillian@magrathea.com
Reply To Address  
  [Save] [Reset] [Cancel]

After registering, the system displays a Menu, so that Trillian can edit her profile, which includes her list of email subscriptions, or log off.


Goal Obtain Response
Level User Goal (User Goal, Summary, Subfunction)
Trigger Submit request
Primary Actor Client

Main Success Scenario (MSS)

Step Action
1 Client submits request to web server.
2 Web server transfers request to container, and container transfers request to framework's dispatcher.
3 Dispatcher consults the mappings to select the appropriate action and creates a context for the request.
4 Dispatcher creates and invokes a proxy to execute the action and its Interceptors.
5 The proxy manages the action pre-process, the procedess, and the post-process.
6 The invocation calls each interceptor in turn before executing the action.
7 Each interceptor affects the request as appropriate.
8 The action handles the transaction corresponding to the request.
9 The action returns a code indicating the appropriate result.
0 The invocation executes the result.
A The result generates the response or transfers to a resource that will render the response.


Step Branching Action

Preconditions and Guarantees

Minimal Guarantees  
Success Guarantees  

Stakeholders and Interests

Stakeholder Interest


Step Variation