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Getting here from there.

Version Notes 2.2.x

Version Notes 2.1.x

Release Notes 2.0.x

Struts 1 to Struts 2

Comparing Struts 1 and 2 How are Struts 1 and Struts 2 alike? How are they different?
Struts 1 Solutions Various issues (and hopefully their solutions!) encountered during migrations to Struts 2.
Migration Strategies Steps and overall strategies for migrating Struts 1 applications to Struts 2.
Migration Tools Development tools to help aid the migration process.


Migrating to Struts 2 A three-hour workshop by Ted Husted (Oct 2006)
Migrating Applications to Struts 2 A three-part series by Ian Roughley (Sep 2006)


Roadmap FAQ What's in store for Struts 2?
A History of Struts 2 Don Brown's summary of events
Struts Reloaded An archive of the development discussions leading to Struts 2

Webwork 2.2 to Struts 2

Key Changes From WebWork 2 What has been removed or changed from WebWork 2.2 to Struts 2
WebWork 2 Migration Strategies Steps and overall strategies for migrating WebWork 2 applications to Struts 2.


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