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This tutorial walks through installing the framework and creating a simple application.

While the Struts 2 framework is simple to use, creating non-trivial applications assumes a working knowledge of many J2EE technologies, including:
  • Java
  • Filters, JSP, and Tag Libraries
  • JavaBeans
  • HTML and HTTP
  • Web Containers (such as Tomcat)
  • XML

For more about supporting technologies, see the Key Technologies Primer.

Java Requirements

Struts 2 requires Servlet API 2.4 or higher, JSP 2.0 or higher, and Java 5 or higher.

Our First Application

To get started using Struts 2 we will create a web application with the required Struts 2 artifacts in WEB-INF lib and use Ant to build the application. Then we will create the same application using Maven to manage the artifact dependencies.

You can download all the tutorial examples from Google Code - http://code.google.com/p/struts2-examples/downloads/list.

Click on the link for whichever technology (Ant or Maven) you're familiar with.

Create Struts 2 Web Application With Artifacts In WEB-INF lib and Use Ant To Build The Application

Create Struts 2 Web Application Using Maven To Manage Artifacts and To Build The Application