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WebWork Jabber Chat

WebWork has an official chat room on a jabber server, where some of the developers hang out and some important discussions take place. In contrast to the official meetings, which are mostly scheduled, you can always drop by to ask questions or say hi.


In order to connect to the chat server, you need to make an account on the Opensymphony Forums. You'll need that username and password to connect.

Watch uppercase/lowercase ! If you have a username with a capital in it, you'll need to make a second account with an all lowercase username (due to a small bug in the chat server)


If you log in at the forum, you can join the chat using a ajax client (click 'join!' next to the Chatting Now). This is very useful if you don't have a real jabber client at your disposal.

  • Chat server: conference.chat.opensymphony.com
  • Chat room: webwork-users
  • Username: your username from the forum
  • Password: your password from the forum
  • Handle (optional): your nickname