Package org.apache.struts2.util

Miscellaneous helper classes.


Interface Summary
IteratorGenerator.Converter Interface for converting each separated token into an Object of choice.
ObjectFactoryDestroyable An interface to be implemented by any ObjectFactory implementation if it requires shutdown hook whenever an ObjectFactory is to be destroyed.
ServletContextAware For components that have a dependence on the Servlet context.
SubsetIteratorFilter.Decider A decider determines if the given element should be added to the list or not.

Class Summary
AppendIteratorFilter A bean that takes several iterators and outputs them in sequence
AttributeMap A Map that holds 4 levels of scope.
ClassLoaderUtils This class is extremely useful for loading resources and classes in a fault tolerant manner that works across different applications servers.
ContainUtil ContainUtil will check if object 1 contains object 2.
Counter A bean that can be used to keep track of a counter.
DateFormatter A bean that can be used to format dates
FastByteArrayOutputStream A speedy implementation of ByteArrayOutputStream.
InvocationSessionStore InvocationSessionStore
IteratorFilterSupport A base class for iterator filters
IteratorGenerator A bean that generates an iterator filled with a given object depending on the count, separator and converter defined.
ListEntry Entry in a list.
MakeIterator MakeIterator.
MergeIteratorFilter A bean that takes several iterators and outputs the merge of them.
PrefixTrie Quickly matches a prefix to an object.
Sorter Sorters.
SortIteratorFilter A bean that takes a source and comparator then attempt to sort the source utilizing the comparator.
StrutsTestCaseHelper Generic test setup methods to be used with any unit testing framework.
StrutsTypeConverter Base class for type converters used in Struts.
StrutsUtil Struts base utility class, for use in Velocity and Freemarker templates
SubsetIteratorFilter A bean that takes an iterator and outputs a subset of it.
TabbedPane A bean that helps implement a tabbed pane
Timer A bean that can be used to time execution of pages
TokenHelper TokenHelper
URLBean A bean that can generate a URL.
VelocityStrutsUtil Struts velocity related util.

Package org.apache.struts2.util Description

Miscellaneous helper classes.

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