Class ServletContextSingleton

  extended by org.apache.struts2.config.ServletContextSingleton

public class ServletContextSingleton
extends Object

This singleton holds an instance of the web servlet context.

This is needed for running Struts on Weblogic Server 6.1 because there is no provision to retrieve the servlet context from the web session object.

This class is created to bet that this singleton can be set by FilterDispatcherCompatWeblogic61 before the servlet context is needed by org.apache.struts2.lifecycle.SessionLifecycleListener which will use this object to get it.

Field Summary
private  ServletContext servletContext
          The web servlet context.
private static ServletContextSingleton singleton
          The sole instance of this class.
Constructor Summary
private ServletContextSingleton()
          Constructor which cannot be called publicly.
Method Summary
static ServletContextSingleton getInstance()
          Answers the singleton.
 ServletContext getServletContext()
          Gets the servlet context
 void setServletContext(ServletContext context)
          Sets the servlet context
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Field Detail


private ServletContext servletContext
The web servlet context. Holding this is the purpose of this singleton.


private static ServletContextSingleton singleton
The sole instance of this class.

Constructor Detail


private ServletContextSingleton()
Constructor which cannot be called publicly.

Method Detail


public static ServletContextSingleton getInstance()
Answers the singleton.

At some point, the caller must populate the web servlet context.

Answers the singleton instance of this class


public ServletContext getServletContext()
Gets the servlet context

The web servlet context


public void setServletContext(ServletContext context)
Sets the servlet context

context - The web servlet context

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