Package org.apache.struts2.components

Interface Summary
Param.UnnamedParametric Tags can implement this to support nested param tags without the name attribute.

Class Summary
AbstractRemoteCallUIBean TODO: Document AbstractRemoteCallUIBean.
ActionComponent This tag enables developers to call actions directly from a JSP page by specifying the action name and an optional namespace.
ActionError Render action errors if they exists the specific layout of the rendering depends on the theme itself
ActionMessage Render action messages if they exists, specific rendering layout depends on the theme itself
Anchor A tag that creates a HTML <a href='' /> that when clicked calls a URL remote XMLHttpRequest call via the dojo framework.
AppendIterator Component for AppendIteratorTag, which jobs is to append iterators to form an appended iterator whereby entries goes from one iterator to another after each respective iterator is exhausted of entries.
Autocompleter The autocomplete tag is a combobox that can autocomplete text entered on the input box.
Bean Instantiates a class that conforms to the JavaBeans specification.
Checkbox Renders an HTML input element of type checkbox, populated by the specified property from the ValueStack
CheckboxList Creates a series of checkboxes from a list.
ClosingUIBean ClosingUIBean is the standard superclass for UI components such as div etc.
ComboBox The combo box is basically an HTML INPUT of type text and HTML SELECT grouped together to give you a combo box functionality.
Component Base class to extend for UI components.
Date Format Date object in different ways.
DateTimePicker Renders a date/time picker in a dropdown container.
Div The div tag when used on the ajax theme, provides a remote call from the current page to update a section of content without having to refresh the entire page.
DoubleListUIBean DoubleListUIBean is the standard superclass of all Struts double list handling components.
DoubleSelect Renders two HTML select elements with second one changing displayed values depending on selected entry of first one
Else Perform basic condition flow.
ElseIf Perform basic condition flow.
FieldError Render field errors if they exists.
File Renders an HTML file input element

Renders HTML an input form.

FormButton FormButton.
GenericUIBean Renders an custom UI widget using the specified templates.
Head Renders parts of the HEAD section for an HTML file.
Hidden Renders an HTML input element of type hidden, populated by the specified property from the ValueStack
I18n Gets a resource bundle and place it on the value stack.
If Perform basic condition flow.
Include Include a servlet's output (result of servlet or a JSP page).
Include.PageOutputStream Implementation of ServletOutputStream that stores all data written to it in a temporary buffer accessible from Include.PageOutputStream.getBuffer() .
Include.PageResponse Simple wrapper to HTTPServletResponse that will allow getWriter() and getResponse() to be called as many times as needed without causing conflicts.
InputTransferSelect Create a input transfer select component which is basically an text input and <select ...
IteratorComponent Iterator will iterate over a value.
Label Renders an HTML LABEL that will allow you to output label:name combination that has the same format treatment as the rest of your UI controls.
ListUIBean DoubleListUIBean is the standard superclass of all Struts list handling components.
MergeIterator Component for MergeIteratorTag, which job is to merge iterators and successive call to the merged iterator will cause each merge iterator to have a chance to expose its element, subsequently next call will allow the next iterator to expose its element.
OptGroup Create a optgroup component which needs to resides within a select tag
OptionTransferSelect Create a option transfer select component which is basically two <select ...
Param This tag can be used to parameterize other tags.
Password Render an HTML input tag of type password.
Property Used to get the property of a value, which will default to the top of the stack if none is specified
Push Push value on stack for simplified usage.
Radio Render a radio button input field.
Reset Render a reset button.
Select Render an HTML input tag of type select
Set The set tag assigns a value to a variable in a specified scope.
Submit Render a submit button.
TabbedPanel The tabbedpanel widget is primarily an AJAX component, where each tab can either be local content or remote content (refreshed each time the user selects that tab).
Text Render a I18n text message.
TextArea Render HTML textarea tag.
TextField Render an HTML input field of type text
Token Stop double-submission of forms.
Tree Renders a tree widget with AJAX support.
TreeNode Renders a tree node within a tree widget with AJAX support.
UIBean UIBean is the standard superclass of all Struts UI componentns.
UpDownSelect Create a Select component with buttons to move the elements in the select component up and down.
URL This tag is used to create a URL.

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