Class Head

  extended by org.apache.struts2.components.Component
      extended by org.apache.struts2.components.UIBean
          extended by org.apache.struts2.components.Head

public class Head
extends UIBean

Renders parts of the HEAD section for an HTML file. This is useful as some themes require certain CSS and JavaScript includes.

If, for example, your page has ajax components integrated, without having the default theme set to ajax, you might want to use the head tag with theme="ajax" so that the typical ajax header setup will be included in the page.

The tag also includes the option to set a custom datepicker theme if needed. See calendarcss parameter for description for details.

If you use the ajax theme you can turn a debug flag on by setting the debug parameter to true.


   <title>My page</title>
   <title>My page</title>
   <s:head theme="ajax" calendarcss="calendar-green"/>
   <title>My page</title>
   <s:head theme="ajax" debug="true"/>

Field Summary
private  String calendarcss
private  boolean debug
private  String encoding
static String TEMPLATE
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actionMapper, COMPONENT_STACK, id, parameters, stack
Constructor Summary
Head(ValueStack stack, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
Method Summary
 void evaluateParams()
 String getCalendarcss()
protected  String getDefaultTemplate()
          A contract that requires each concrete UI Tag to specify which template should be used as a default.
 boolean isDebug()
 void setCalendarcss(String calendarcss)
 void setDebug(boolean debug)
 void setEncoding(String encoding)
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Field Detail


public static final String TEMPLATE
See Also:
Constant Field Values


private String calendarcss


private boolean debug


private String encoding
Constructor Detail


public Head(ValueStack stack,
            HttpServletRequest request,
            HttpServletResponse response)
Method Detail


protected String getDefaultTemplate()
Description copied from class: UIBean
A contract that requires each concrete UI Tag to specify which template should be used as a default. For example, the CheckboxTab might return "checkbox.vm" while the RadioTag might return "radio.vm". This value not begin with a '/' unless you intend to make the path absolute rather than relative to the current theme.

Specified by:
getDefaultTemplate in class UIBean
The name of the template to be used as the default.


public void setEncoding(String encoding)


public void evaluateParams()
evaluateParams in class UIBean


public String getCalendarcss()


public void setCalendarcss(String calendarcss)


public boolean isDebug()


public void setDebug(boolean debug)

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