Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.validator.validators

XWork default validator classes.


Class Summary
AbstractRangeValidator Base class for range based validators.
ConversionErrorFieldValidator Field Validator that checks if a conversion error occured for this field
DateRangeFieldValidator Field Validator that checks if the date supplied is within a specific range.
DoubleRangeFieldValidator Field Validator that checks if the double specified is within a certain range
EmailValidator EmailValidator checks that a given String field, if not empty, is a valid email address.
ExpressionValidator A Non-Field Level validator that validates based on regular expression supplied
FieldExpressionValidator Validates a field using an OGNL expression
FieldValidatorSupport Base class for field validators.
IntRangeFieldValidator Field Validator that checks if the integer specified is within a certain range
RegexFieldValidator Validates a string field using a regular expression
RepopulateConversionErrorFieldValidatorSupport An abstract base class that adds in the capability to populate the stack with a fake parameter map when a conversion error has occurred and the 'repopulateField' property is set to "true".
RequiredFieldValidator RequiredFieldValidator checks if the specified field is not null
RequiredStringValidator RequiredStringValidator checks that a String field is non-null and has a length > 0.
StringLengthFieldValidator StringLengthFieldValidator checks that a String field is of a certain length.
URLValidator URLValidator checks that a given field is a String and a valid URL
ValidatorSupport Abstract implementation of the Validator interface suitable for subclassing.
VisitorFieldValidator The VisitorFieldValidator allows you to forward validation to object properties of your action using the object's own validation files.

Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.validator.validators Description

XWork default validator classes.

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