Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.util

XWork util classes.


Interface Summary
ClearableValueStack ValueStacks implementing this interface provide a way to remove values from their contexts.
MemberAccessValueStack ValueStacks implementing this interface provide a way to remove block or allow access to properties using regular expressions
ObjectTypeDeterminer Determines what the key and and element class of a Map or Collection should be.
ResolverUtil.Test A simple interface that specifies how to test classes to determine if they are to be included in the results produced by the ResolverUtil.
TextParseUtil.ParsedValueEvaluator A parsed value evaluator for TextParseUtil.
ValueStack ValueStack allows multiple beans to be pushed in and dynamic EL expressions to be evaluated against it.

Class Summary
AnnotationUtils AnnotationUtils Various utility methods dealing with annotations
AnnotationXWorkConverter Deprecated. Since XWork 2.0.4, the implementation of XWorkConverter handles the processing of annotations.
ClassLoaderUtil This class is extremely useful for loading resources and classes in a fault tolerant manner that works across different applications servers.
ClassLoaderUtil.AggregateIterator<E> Aggregates Enumeration instances into one iterator and filters out duplicates.
CompoundRoot A Stack that is implemented using a List.
CompoundRootAccessor A stack that is able to call methods on objects in the stack.
DefaultObjectTypeDeterminer This ObjectTypeDeterminer looks at the for entries that indicated what objects are contained within Maps and Collections.
DomHelper Helper class to create and retrieve information from location-enabled DOM-trees.
DomHelper.DOMBuilder The DOMBuilder is a utility class that will generate a W3C DOM Document from SAX events.
EnumTypeConverter EnumTypeConverter
FileManager FileManager This class was brought in from oscore trunk revision 147.
GenericsObjectTypeDeterminer Deprecated. Use DefaultObjectTypeDeterminer instead.
InstantiatingNullHandler Provided that the key InstantiatingNullHandler.CREATE_NULL_OBJECTS is in the action context with a value of true (this key is set only during the execution of the ParametersInterceptor), OGNL expressions that have caused a NullPointerException will be temporarily stopped for evaluation while the system automatically tries to solve the null references by automatically creating the object.
LocalizedTextUtil Provides support for localization in XWork
ObjectProxy An Object to use within OGNL to proxy other Objects usually Collections that you set in a different place on the ValueStack but want to retain the context information about where they previously were.
ObjectProxyPropertyAccessor Is able to access (set/get) properties on a given object.
ObjectTypeDeterminerFactory Factory for getting an instance of ObjectTypeDeterminer.
OgnlContextState Manages variables in the OgnlContext and returns values to be used by the application.
OgnlUtil Utility class that provides common access to the Ognl APIs for setting and getting properties from objects (usually Actions).
OgnlValueStack Ognl implementation of a value stack that allows for dynamic Ognl expressions to be evaluated against it.
OgnlValueStackFactory Creates an Ognl value stack
PropertiesReader This class is used to read properties lines.
ResolverUtil<T> ResolverUtil is used to locate classes that are available in the/a class path and meet arbitrary conditions.
ResolverUtil.AnnotatedWith A Test that checks to see if each class is annotated with a specific annotation.
ResolverUtil.IsA A Test that checks to see if each class is assignable to the provided class.
ResolverUtil.NameEndsWith A Test that checks to see if each class name ends with the provided suffix.
SecurityMemberAccess Allows access decisions to be made on the basis of whether a member is static or not.
TextParseUtil Utility class for text parsing.
TextUtils Utilities for common String manipulations.
ValueStackFactory Factory that creates a value stack, defaulting to the OgnlValueStackFactory
WildcardHelper This class is an utility class that perform wilcard-patterns matching and isolation taken from Apache Cocoon.
XWorkBasicConverter XWork will automatically handle the most common type conversion for you.
XWorkConverter XWorkConverter is a singleton used by many of the WebWork's Ognl extention points, such as InstantiatingNullHandler, XWorkListPropertyAccessor etc to do object conversion
XWorkList Deprecated. Native support for expanding lists and maps is provided in XWork 1.1, so this is no longer needed.
XWorkListPropertyAccessor Overrides the list property accessor so in the case of trying to add properties of a given bean and the JavaBean is not present, this class will create the necessary blank JavaBeans.
XWorkMap Deprecated. Native support for expanding lists and maps is provided in XWork 1.1, so this is no longer needed.
XWorkMapPropertyAccessor Implementation of PropertyAccessor that sets and gets properties by storing and looking up values in Maps.
XWorkMethodAccessor Allows methods to be executed under normal cirumstances, except when XWorkMethodAccessor.DENY_METHOD_EXECUTION is in the action context with a value of true.
XWorkTestCaseHelper Generic test setup methods to be used with any unit testing framework.

Exception Summary
TypeConversionException TypeConversionException should be thrown by any TypeConverters which fail to convert values

Annotation Types Summary

Sets the CreateIfNull for type conversion


Sets the Element for type conversion


Sets the Key for type conversion


Sets the KeyProperty for type conversion


Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.util Description

XWork util classes.

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