Package com.opensymphony.xwork2

Main Xwork interfaces and classes.


Interface Summary
Action All actions may implement this interface, which exposes the execute() method.
ActionEventListener Provides hooks for handling key action events
ActionInvocation An ActionInvocation represents the execution state of an Action.
ActionProxy ActionProxy is an extra layer between XWork and the action so that different proxies are possible.
ActionProxyFactory The ActionProxyFactory is used to create ActionProxies to be executed.
LocaleProvider Indicates that the implementing class can provide its own Locale.
ModelDriven<T> ModelDriven Actions provide a model object to be pushed onto the ValueStack in addition to the Action itself, allowing a FormBean type approach like Struts.
Preparable Preparable Actions will have their prepare() method called if the PrepareInterceptor is applied to the ActionConfig
ResourceBundleTextProvider Extension Interface for TextProvider to help supporting ResourceBundles.
Result All results (except for NONE) of an Action are mapped to a View implementation.
TextProvider Provides access to ResourceBundles and their underlying text messages.
Unchainable Simple marker interface to indicate an object should not have it's properties copied during chaining.
UnknownHandler Handles cases when the result or action is unknown.
Validateable Provides an interface in which a call for a validation check can be done.
ValidationAware ValidationAware classes can accept Action (class level) or field level error messages.
XWorkMessages XworkMessages

Class Summary
ActionChainResult This result invokes an entire other action, complete with it's own interceptor stack and result
ActionContext The ActionContext is the context in which an Action is executed.
ActionSupport Provides a default implementation for the most common actions.
DefaultActionInvocation The Default ActionInvocation implementation
DefaultActionProxy The Default ActionProxy implementation
DefaultActionProxyFactory DefaultActionProxyFactory
DefaultTextProvider DefaultTextProvider gets texts from only the default resource bundles associated with the LocalizedTextUtil.
MockActionInvocation Deprecated. Please use @see com.opensymphony.xwork2.mock.MockActionInvocation instead
ObjectFactory ObjectFactory is responsible for building the core framework objects.
TestNGXWorkTestCase Base test class for TestNG unit tests.
TextProviderFactory This factory enables users to provide and correctly initialize a custom TextProvider.
TextProviderSupport Default TextProvider implementation.
ValidationAwareSupport Provides a default implementation of ValidationAware.
XWorkTestCase Base JUnit TestCase to extend for XWork specific JUnit tests.

Exception Summary
InvalidMetadataException InvalidMetadataException
XWorkException A generic runtime exception that optionally contains Location information

Package com.opensymphony.xwork2 Description

Main Xwork interfaces and classes.

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