Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.interceptor

Interceptor classes.


Interface Summary
Interceptor An interceptor is a stateless class that follows the interceptor pattern, as found in Filter and in AOP languages.
NoParameters This marker interface should be implemented by actions that do not want any parameters set on them automatically (by the ParametersActionFactoryProxy) This may be useful if one is using the action tag and want to supply the parameters to the action manually using the param tag.
ParameterNameAware This interface is implemented by actions that want to declare acceptable parameters.
PreResultListener PreResultListeners may be registered with an ActionInvocation to get a callback after the Action has been executed but before the Result is executed.
ScopedModelDriven<T> Adds the ability to set a model, probably retrieved from a given state.

Class Summary
AbstractInterceptor Provides default implementations of optional lifecycle methods
AliasInterceptor The aim of this Interceptor is to alias a named parameter to a different named parameter.
ChainingInterceptor An interceptor that copies all the properties of every object in the value stack to the currently executing object, except for any object that implements Unchainable.
ConversionErrorInterceptor This interceptor adds any error found in the ActionContext's conversionErrors map as a field error (provided that the action implements ValidationAware).
DefaultWorkflowInterceptor An interceptor that does some basic validation workflow before allowing the interceptor chain to continue.
ExceptionHolder A simple wrapper around an exception, providing an easy way to print out the stack trace of the exception as well as a way to get a handle on the exception itself
ExceptionMappingInterceptor This interceptor forms the core functionality of the exception handling feature.
I18nInterceptor An interceptor that handles setting the locale specified in a session as the locale for the current action request.
LoggingInterceptor This interceptor logs the the start and end of the execution an action (in English-only, not internationalized)
MethodFilterInterceptor An abstract Interceptor that is applied to selectively according to specified included/excluded method lists.
MethodFilterInterceptorUtil Utility class contains common methods used by MethodFilterInterceptor.
ModelDrivenInterceptor Watches for ModelDriven actions and adds the action's model on to the value stack.
ParameterFilterInterceptor The Parameter Filter Interceptor blocks parameters from getting to the rest of the stack or your action.
ParameterRemoverInterceptor This is a simple XWork interceptor that allows parameters (matching one of the paramNames attribute csv value) to be removed from the parameter map if they match a certain value (matching one of the paramValues attribute csv value), before they are set on the action.
ParametersInterceptor This interceptor sets all parameters on the value stack.
PrefixMethodInvocationUtil A utility class for invoking prefixed methods in action class.
PrepareInterceptor This interceptor calls prepare() on actions which implement Preparable.
ScopedModelDrivenInterceptor An interceptor that enables scoped model-driven actions.
StaticParametersInterceptor This interceptor populates the action with the static parameters defined in the action configuration.
TimerInterceptor This interceptor logs the amount of time in milliseconds.

Package com.opensymphony.xwork2.interceptor Description

Interceptor classes.

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