Uses of Interface

Packages that use Action
com.opensymphony.xwork2 Main Xwork interfaces and classes. 
org.apache.struts2.dispatcher Classes for action dispatching in Struts (the Controller part of MVC). 
org.apache.struts2.util Miscellaneous helper classes. 

Uses of Action in com.opensymphony.xwork2

Classes in com.opensymphony.xwork2 that implement Action
 class ActionSupport
          Provides a default implementation for the most common actions.

Uses of Action in org.apache.struts2.dispatcher

Classes in org.apache.struts2.dispatcher that implement Action
 class DefaultActionSupport
          A simple action support class that sets properties to be able to serve

Uses of Action in org.apache.struts2.portlet.dispatcher

Classes in org.apache.struts2.portlet.dispatcher that implement Action
 class DirectRenderFromEventAction
          When a portlet is targetted for an event, the portlet will receive two portlet requests, one for the event phase, and then followed by a render operation.

Uses of Action in org.apache.struts2.util

Classes in org.apache.struts2.util that implement Action
 class AppendIteratorFilter
          A bean that takes several iterators and outputs them in sequence
 class IteratorGenerator
          A bean that generates an iterator filled with a given object depending on the count, separator and converter defined.
 class MergeIteratorFilter
          A bean that takes several iterators and outputs the merge of them.
 class SortIteratorFilter
          A bean that takes a source and comparator then attempt to sort the source utilizing the comparator.
 class SubsetIteratorFilter
          A bean that takes an iterator and outputs a subset of it.

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