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Added by Rainer Hermanns, last edited by Don Brown on Nov 14, 2006  (view change)

This validator checks that a numeric field has a value within a specified range. If neither min nor max is set, nothing will be done.


The annotation must be applied at method level.


Parameter Required Default Notes
message yes   field error message
key no   i18n key from language specific properties file.
fieldName no    
shortCircuit no false If this validator should be used as shortCircuit.
type yes ValidatorType.FIELD Enum value from ValidatorType. Either FIELD or SIMPLE can be used here.
min no   Integer property. The minimum the number must be.
max no   Integer property. The maximum number can be.

If neither min nor max is set, nothing will be done.

The values for min and max must be inserted as String values so that "0" can be handled as a possible value.


@IntRangeFieldValidator(message = "Default message", key = "i18n.key", shortCircuit = true, min = "0", max = "42")