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A custom Result type for setting HTTP headers and status by optionally evaluating against the ValueStack. This result can also be used to send and error to the client.


  • status - the http servlet response status code that should be set on a response.
  • parse - true by default. If set to false, the headers param will not be parsed for Ognl expressions.
  • headers - header values.
  • error - the http servlet response error code that should be set on a response.
  • errorMessage - error message to be set on response if 'error' is set.


<result name="success" type="httpheader">
  <param name="status">204</param>
  <param name="headers.a">a custom header value</param>
  <param name="headers.b">another custom header value</param>

<result name="proxyRequired" type="httpheader">
  <param name="error">305</param>
  <param name="errorMessage">this action must be accessed through a prozy</param>