6.1 Release Notes - Version 1.3.10


This section contains release notes for changes that have taken place to Struts, since the Version 1.3.9 distribution. To keep up-to-date on all changes to the framework, subscribe to the (commits at struts.apache.org) list. To preview our plans for upcoming changes, please visit the Roadmap page.

  • Notes on upgrading are maintained in the Wiki Upgrade pages. The wiki is a community maintained resource - please feel free to add your input so that everyone can benefit from the collective experience.

For the version requirements of each library, see the Installation chapter.

Issue Tracking


  • [STR-2630] - Taglib documentation does not render embedded HTML
  • [STR-2802] - Validator validwhen cannot test between two different indices in array
  • [STR-3026] - Linked examples hosted by "Planet Struts" nonexistant
  • [STR-3052] - ImgTag missing actionId support
  • [STR-3054] - EL-Example errors
  • [STR-3070] - Postback forms cause NPE with classic RequestProcessor
  • [STR-3076] - PasswordTag doesn't define the attribute onselect
  • [STR-3080] - XLST instead of XSLT
  • [STR-3081] - Uploading a File using LazyDynaBean causes ClassCastException
  • [STR-3082] - Incomplete error message when failing to create a form bean
  • [STR-3084] - Error on Tiles examples page
  • [STR-3088] - N-length empty strings not treated as *null* by validwhen
  • [STR-3093] - Taglibs TLD do not match tag implementations
  • [STR-3097] - Generating site fails
  • [STR-3110] - PropertyUtils.clearDescriptors() call in ActionServlet.destroy() method is causing appliction classloader memory leak on Weblogic Portal
  • [STR-3112] - Generated javascript is wrong to set focus on control that is of array
  • [STR-3143] - Struts jar remains "in-use" preventing dynamic redeployment
  • [STR-3144] - Bean Taglib Documentation Has Been Unreadable FOR YEARS...
  • [STR-3146] - TLD reports contain broken hyperlinks
  • [STR-3161] - Servlet not injected into newly created action in higly concurrent env


  • [STR-1496] - html:form focus and focusIndex problem
  • [STR-1709] - FormTag: Add check for nonexistent form field in focus javascript
  • [STR-2810] - autocomplete attribute


  • [STR-3055] - Figure out the 'disabled="${!empty pageScope}" in EL-Example
  • [STR-3134] - Upgrade JSTL from 1.0.2 to latest 1.0.6
  • [STR-3150] - Upgrade Commons Chain to 1.2
  • [STR-3163] - Upgrade Commons BeanUtils
  • [STR-3171] - Lock down Maven plugin dependencies
  • [STR-3172] - Require Tomcat 5.5 for integration testing

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