6.1 Release Notes - Version 1.3.3 (Test Build)

SPECIAL NOTE ON UPGRADING - README FIRST! - If you use the standard CANCEL BUTTON in your application and validate is set to true for that mapping, you MUST also specify "cancellable=true" in the mapping, otherwise, an InvalidCancelException will be thrown if the Cancel button is used. See the new Opt-In Cancel Handling feature for more.

                        <action path="/ActionThatCanBeCancelled"


This section contains release notes for changes that have taken place to the Struts 1 project, previously known as "Struts Classic" since Version 1.3.2. To keep up-to-date on all changes to Struts, subscribe to the (commits at struts.apache.org) list. To preview our plans for upcoming changes, please visit the Roadmap page .

Notes on upgrading are maintained in the Wiki Upgrade pages . The wiki is a community maintained resource - please feel free to add your input so that everyone can benefit from the collective experience.

For the version requirements of each library, see the Installation chapter .

Highlights of Changes

The purpose of this section is to highlight the new features since the Version 1.3.2 release. For more detail, see the Project Info reports for each subproject, which include a list of external dependencies.

You can also access to the Apache Struts source repository and change logs directly through both web browser and Subversion client interfaces.


The Struts 1.3.3 release contains the following eight components: Core, Applications, EL, Extras, Faces, Scripting, Taglib, and Tiles.

The Struts, including the website, is being built with Maven 2. But, of course, you can continue to build your own projects any way you like!

Specification Changes

The 1.3.x series of Struts has a minimum requirement of the following specification versions:

  • Java Servlet 2.3 and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2
  • Java 2 Standard Platform Edition (J2SE) 1.4

Dependency Changes

A following software dependency change applies to this release:

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the 1.3.2 release:


  • [STR-2509] - [struts-faces] - core-library and example1-webapp patches
  • [STR-2698] - Struts API - MultipartRequestHandler documentation error
  • [STR-2724] - Fix Min/Max Length Validator for different line endings
  • [STR-2741] - [site] Broken Links
  • [STR-2752] - forwardPattern implementation missing
  • [STR-2793] - Postback form (optional 'action' attribute for html-el:form) is not working
  • [STR-2795] - Postback Forms - caching and modules
  • [STR-2805] - java.lang.NullPointerException
  • [STR-2809] - ImportAttribute does not import all attribute with ignore=true
  • [STR-2826] - If a field's display property is set to 'none' using CSS or JavaScript, the focus code fails.
  • [STR-2831] - error in nested:options web-documentation
  • [STR-2837] - Fix the site build
  • [STR-2843] - PropertyMessageResources.loadLocale(String localeKey) has a problem!
  • [STR-2851] - The Struts Tiles jar is missing from the 1.3.2 distribution
  • [STR-2854] - mask validator error
  • [STR-2855] - Invalid path to source Java files in Struts Cookbook


  • [STR-1546] - [apps] Add validateLongRange and validateDoubleRange to validator web app
  • [STR-2846] - Move source directories to standard Maven 2 format
  • [STR-2850] - Add tests to confirm that example apps work
  • [STR-2852] - Move the non-working integration tests to the sandbox for review.
  • [STR-2860] - Change DOCTYPE in validator config files to v1.3.0
  • [STR-2863] - Create a library distribution for Struts 1

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