Welcome to Struts Apps

Several example applications come bundled with the Struts distribution, ready to deploy on your container. In the case of Tomcat, you would copy the application's WAR file from the apps distribution to Tomcat's webapps folder.

As a convenience, the linked examples are available online at Planet Struts.

Blank Struts Blank is a template you can use to create your own application. You can copy and rename the WAR, deploy it to your server, and start adding your own code.
Cookbook Struts Cookbook is a show-and-tell application that demonstrates some common use cases. The source code for each example can be viewed through the application itself.
Examples Struts Example is a modular application. Modules include an "exercise" application to test and demonstrate the Struts Taglibs, a file uploading example, a "validate" example that demonstrates and test validation and localization features,
MailReader Struts MailReader is a best-practices example of a typical web application.
EL Example Struts EL Example demonstrates and tests the Struts EL tags using tests from the Exercise-Taglib application.
Faces Example 1 The Struts Faces Example 1 application is JSF-enabled rendition of the classic Struts MailReader,
Faces Example 2 Struts Faces Example 2 application is Tiles-enabled, JSF-enabled rendition of the classic Struts MailReader.
Scripting MailReader Struts Scripting Mailreader is a scripting-enabled rendition of the classic Struts MailReader. Here, Actions are written with scripts rather than Java.