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Packages that use XmlDefinition
The Tiles taglib and framework allows building web pages by assembling reusable pieces of pages, called Tiles. 

Uses of XmlDefinition in org.apache.struts.tiles

Constructors in org.apache.struts.tiles with parameters of type XmlDefinition
ComponentDefinition(XmlDefinition definition)

Uses of XmlDefinition in org.apache.struts.tiles.xmlDefinition

Methods in org.apache.struts.tiles.xmlDefinition that return XmlDefinition
 XmlDefinition XmlDefinitionsSet.getDefinition(String name)
          Get requested definition.

Methods in org.apache.struts.tiles.xmlDefinition with parameters of type XmlDefinition
 void XmlDefinition.overload(XmlDefinition child)
          Overload this definition with passed child.
 void XmlDefinitionsSet.putDefinition(XmlDefinition definition)
          Put definition in set.

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