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Using Struts

In the normal course of using an application framework like Struts, you may wish to

Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

Tracking of bug reports and enhancement requests for Struts is handled through the Apache Bug Database. Please select Struts from the product list, along with the details of which component of Struts you feel this report relates to, and details of your operating environment. You will automatically be notified by email as the status of your bug or enhancement report changes. Please be sure to read How to Report Bugs Effectively before posting.

Contributing Patches to Code or Documentation

You can upload a proposed patch to either the code or documentation by creating a feature request in Bugzilla. After creating the ticket, you can go back and upload a file containing your patch.

The documentation is maintained in the doc folder of the repository in a XML format. In the Nightly Build, there is a "" target in the build.xml file, which renders the XML into the HTML we post to the Website. If you would like to help with the documentation, it is important to provide patches and new pages in the XML source. Otherwise, some other volunteer will have to do this for you, and it may never get done. (Sad but true.) If you are submitting new material, it is important to decide exactly where you would put this in relation to the rest of the documentation. Someone has to figure that out before it can be added, and that someone might as well be you.

If you have comments on existing material, you can make comments via the Struts Wiki. Just follow the "Comments?" link on any page. If you are making a substantial contribution, such as a new HOW-TO, please consider submitting a document in the XML format we use. This will make it easier to add your contribution to the official documentation so that it becomes part of the WAR distributed with Struts.

For more, see the How to Help FAQ.

Joining the Mailing Lists

Before joining any Apache mailing list, please be sure to read the Mailing List Guidelines. If you have read and understood these guidelines, you are welcome to join the Struts mailing lists.

Posting a Question to a Mailing List

Before posting a new question, be sure to consult the MAILING LIST ARCHIVE and the very excellent How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric Raymond.

Please do be sure to turn off HTML in your email client before posting.

Getting Involved

All work on Struts (and other Apache projects) is provided on an all-volunteer basis. For more about what you can do, see the Apache Jakarta Getting Involved Overview and the Struts How to Help FAQ.

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