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5.2 Installation

Installing Struts with your servlet container

iPlanet Application Server 6.0

Service Pack 2 is recommended.

NOTE: At present, the Struts example application still uses a non-Serializable servlet context attribute, and will not run in an environment that requires them, like iPlanet Application Server.

iPlanet Web Server 4.2

Here are the issues I ran into while moving my struts based application from Tomcat (supports WebApps and WAR) to iWS 4.1 (does NOT support Webapps and WAR).

Webapps and WAR will be supported in iWS 5.0, as mentioned in iWS5.0 roadmap.

Classpath issues.

This s pretty straightforward. Since there is no notion of WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes the classpath has to be explicitly set in $SERVER_ROOT/config/jvm12.conf.

Context relative paths

All URLs should be visible from the document root. In my case I just created a symbolic link from $DOCROOT/myapp to webapps/myapp.

Extension mapping

The config file $SERVER_ROOT/config/ has a similar mechanism as in web.xml.

I have this in my which forwards all urls ending with "do" to the servlet whose logical name is action.


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