The Apache Project

Acquiring Struts

Struts is available in a convenient binary distribution and also with complete source code. You may choose to download a production release or one of the development builds. All downloads are available to the general public at no charge and are distributed under the Apache License.

In addition to a Struts distribution, you will need to ensure that you have downloaded and installed all of the prerequisite software applications. Then, follow the appropriate instructions to install and use a Struts binary distribution in your web application or for building Struts from the source distribution.

Development Builds

The latest development build of Struts is available here in a convenient binary distribution and also with complete source code.

Development builds are being reviewed for quality by the Struts community. When a build is judged "ready for prime time", it is promoted to "General Availability" status and may be made the "Best Available" release.

Nightly Builds

For developers who are helping to develop Struts, or who just want "the latest bits", the latest development version is made available each morning. Use at your own risk!

If you are building Struts from source, be sure to refer to the Installation page in the User Guide for prerequisites. There are several JARs from the Jakarta Commons project that are required to build Struts.

If you are interested in the Tag Library Descriptor (TLD) files, they are maintained in the /conf/share folder of the main repository.

Also be sure to check the Release Notes for the nightly builds so you know what you are getting!

Access to the source repository for Struts is available through both web browser and Subversion client interfaces.

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